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See the real Subway

Subway is the fast food chain with the most stores worldwide. It promises its many customers that the foods it is offering are of high quality and were produced sustainably and with high ethical standards. However, the exact opposite is the case. The chickens that end up in Subway’s sandwiches and salads have lived and died under excruciating conditions. #SubwayEatCruelty

In Subway’s more than 42,000 franchise restaurants, chicken is being sold on a daily basis. The chickens raised to produce this meat have previously suffered due to their extremely fast growth and weight gain, living in cramped sheds and experiencing life-long boredom in these confined spaces, as well as having to endure stressful stunning procedures prior to slaughter, which cannot guarantee a painless death. Sadly, European laws are completely inadequate and do not protect the animals sufficiently.

In order to reduce the worst problems in the broiler chicken industry, almost 30 European animal protection groups formulated the criteria of the European Chicken Commitment. More than 300 companies from the USA and Europe have already committed themselves to fulfill the criteria.

Our alliance partners have already convinced Subway to raise its animal welfare standards in the USA and Canada in 2017. In Europe, the company has avoided making a concrete statement for the past three years. It is now time that Subway kept its promise of ethical and sustainable production and finally agreed to implement higher animal welfare standards.

Details on the criteria of the European Chicken Commitment and the participating organizations can be found here.